Vacancy for a Clerk to the Parish Council

Job Description

The following gives brief details of the requirements attached to the role of Parish Clerk:

Preparation of agendas, completion of minutes and all necessary follow up work flowing from meetings of the Parish Council.  A laptop is provided, and all historical agendas and minutes are retained on this machine, as well as being archived on the website.

Administration of receipts and payments.  Most payments are made online and are recorded in the receipts and payments book.  It is likely that a new and younger Clerk will wish to keep this in spreadsheet format on a laptop or similar device.

Liaison as appropriate with the District and County Councils in regard to Planning and Highway issues, for example.  The PC has a Planning Policy which involves liaison with the Chair on receipt of an application within the parishes, in regard to how the application is to be dealt with.

The Parish Council own the Burial Ground, which is situated in Barkston.  The role of Clerk will involve the administration of this facility, which will include liaison with local Funeral Directors, carrying out all necessary administration involved with the purchase of plots and the legalities connected with interments.  It will also be necessary to attend the Burial Ground in person, when required, to mark graves prior to an interment or installation of a memorial.

If any further information id=s required by way of clarification of the above please contact tdhe current Clerk, Malcolm Hall, on 01476 566984, or

Clerk vacancy (Jan24)